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  • The ConqR Audio Free EP!

    This EP, released to celebrate 200 followers on the ConqR Facebook Page, contains two vocal bangers from Mr Sleepz and Sabrina G, a heavy Dubstep tune from ConqR's own Reika, and a relaxed Hip-Hop instrumental from Magnezium. All avaliable for the price of a tweet!

    1.Mr Sleepz - Admirer Ft. Sabrina G
    2.Magnezium - Pseudonym
    3.Reika - The World Is Our Battlefield
    4.Mr Sleepz - Funky Blues Ft. Sabrina G

    Download Here


    CNQR001 FORTHCOMING JANUARY 25TH. This single package features hard hiting vocal tunes from Mr Sleepz and Reika, both featuring Josie Charlotte on the vocals. The guys then swap tracks to perform remix duties, with Mr Sleepz offering a carnival take on things.

    1.Reika - Say Goodbye Ft. Josie Charlotte
    2.Reika - Say Goodbye Ft. Josie Charlotte (Mr Sleepz Remix)
    3.Mr Sleepz - Crazy Ft. Josie Charlotte
    4.Mr Sleepz - Crazy Ft. Josie Charlotte (Reika Remix)

    Download Link Released Soon!

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  • FREE EP 2!
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